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Hyperledger on Ubuntu

Hyperledger on Ubuntu


1.       Key Concepts

2.       Typical Solution Architecture


3.       Installing pre-requsites

4.       Installing the development environment

5.       Updating the development environment

6.       Uninstalling the development environment



1.       Playground tutorial

2.       Using Playground – Business Network Card

3.       Developer tutorial

4.       Queries tutorial

5.       Deploying to a single organization Hyperledger Fabric

6.       Deploying to a multi-organization Hyperledger Fabric

7.       Interacting with other business networks

8.       Access control tutorial. Eg. Commodity trading

9.       Using Google OAUTH2.0 with a Composer REST server


Developing Business Networks

1.       Business Network Definition

2.       Create a Business Network Definition

3.       Deploying Business Networks

4.       Emitting Events

5.       Testing Business Networks

6.       Publish Models or Business Network Definitions for use by applications

7.       Upgrading a deployed business network

8.       Querying and filtering business network data

9.       Programmatic access control

10.   Hyperledger Composer Historian

11.   Customising the card store


Developing Applications

1.       Writing Node.js Applications

2.       Writing Web Applications

3.       Subscribing to events


Integrating existing systems

1.       Generating a REST API

2.       Publishing events from the REST server

3.       Enabling authentication for the REST server

4.       Enabling multiple user mode for the REST server

5.       Securing the REST server using HTTPS and TLS

6.       Deploying the REST server for a business network

7.       Customizing the REST server for a business network

8.       Integrating with Node-RED

9.       Calling external HTTP or REST services

Managing your Hyperledger Composer Solution

1.       Participants and identities

2.       Adding participants

3.       Creating, Exporting, and Importing Business Network Cards

4.       Issuing a new identity to a participant

5.       Binding an existing identity to a participant

6.       Listing all identities in a business network

7.       Revoking an identity from a participant

8.       Interacting with Hyperledger Fabric

Diagnosing Problems

1.       Application

2.       Default Configuration

3.       Control of what is produced

4.       What is produced?

5.       Log output location

6.       Enabling more information

7.       Examples

8.       Component Profiles

Reference material for Hyperledger Composer

Ø  Historian

Ø  Hyperledger Composer npm Modules

Ø  Modeling Language

Ø  Access Control Language

Ø  Query Language

Ø  Model Compatibility

Ø  Connection Profiles

Ø  Transaction Processor Functions

Ø  Hyperledger Composer CLI Commands

Ø  Hyperledger Composer REST Server

Ø  Hyperledger Composer Glossary of Terms